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Just Horses & Farmyard Friends providing an NDIS service for people who are plan managed

NDIS Animal Care Program Equine-assisted therapy and farmyard friends @ Just Horses . Bookings Essential.

Mental Health Benefits

We have created a nurturing, practical & creative space for people of all abilities; groups & individuals. 


Practical discovery; improve co-ordination & strength in our beautiful outdoor setting.

Community Inclusion

NDIS service available for people who are plan managed. Healthy, accessible safe, supported space.


Patting, grooming, leading & riding provides learning opportunities & recreation.

Supportive Environment

Let us create a unique experience for you. Interact with the horses & our other farmyard friends.


Time spent caring for animals helps us with our own life experiences, we learn from their needs.

Pony adventures with Andrea!

Come and interact with the horses & all our other farmyard friends in a healthy, accessible, safe, supported space.

Being around animals is a great way to learn about building healthy relationships based on trust, communication, respect and honesty.

Kids will learn how to communicate with their horse using body language and energy, discovering that leadership and respect is earned and nurtured, not demanded.

Kids will learn how to convince an animal larger than themselves to respond to what they want. This builds a sense of confidence and helps develop life skills that easily translate into their everyday activities.

Horses teach us a lot about ourselves! What a great way to learn new skills, keep fit and have fun! It’s a great way to spend time as a family too. We specialize in one-on-one training and also offer school holiday events.

 Welcome to my world of horses!

My name is Andrea Bell. Just Horses Victoria, located at 359 County Boundary West Road Naroghid Victoria, offers an NDIS Animal Care Program. I have created a space on our property for Horse Crazy Kids who just want to ride & be with horses… and we have many other farmyard animals to meet.  We specialise in equine and farmyard experiences for kids and families, and provide an NDIS service for people who are plan managed.   Just Horses is a nurturing and creative space for people of all abilities.

I have a 60m x 30m purpose-built sand arena and adjoining round yard. All ponies are very well educated and have been around kids for many years. I tutor in a very safe, considered environment. The kids will leave wanting more. My aim is to make each experience at Just Horses fun and engaging.

NDIS Animal Care Program:  equine-assisted therapy and farmyard friends.  

Animal care programs are our speciality; patting, grooming and leading provides learning opportunities and recreation. It improves co-ordination and strength. Our beautiful, healthy outdoor environment encourages practical discovery and shared experience for groups and individuals. 

I was that young girl who fell in love with horses…

As my parents lived in town I was unable to have a horse of my own. I had so many books, horse posters, swap cards, brushes and my own saddle at an early age. At the age of 18 I arrived at my dream job in ‘The Snowy Mountains’ of NSW as a Jillaroo, surrounded by horses, spending many hours in the saddle and mustering the high country, riding with the Brumbies… was a dream come true!

Fast Forward: I currently own and manage my own NDIS Animal Care Program for kids. On my property ‘Maragle Park’ I have created a space for those kids who want to hang with horses, to brush and groom them to go home covered in horse hair and having that unique smell of the horse on us. I’d love you to meet my horses! Andrea is a Level 1 RDA Coach, Preliminary Pony Club Coach, Gestalt Equine Practitioner. 

Book your pony adventure today 🙂
all or SMS Andrea: 0419 931 709

*Bookings essential. 

Contact Us

How to find us...

Just Horses, 359 County Boundary W Rd, Naroghid VIC 3266

Testimonials… Book your pony adventure!

Horse riding helps develop life skills... how?

Horse riding, and time spent caring for animals, develops:
Self Education
Empowerment & Leadership

Read more here:

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And the list goes on & on &on. 🐴🐴If you give a kid a pony...

If you give a kid a pony, they will need a saddle to go with it...

You’ll buy them the best saddle you can afford and then they will probably want a bridle and a saddle pad and some boots too…

Then they will probably spend hours begging you to go to the barn even though there are other things that you need to do. They will insist and their insistence will win.

And when they get their first show shirt, they’ll need a belt and spurs and a hat… And a TEAM, a Barn Family… And then, life as you know it is over.

No more lazy weekends or holidays for you, my friend. You will see more sunrises than you ever thought possible. Every spare minute will be spent hauling kids and dogs and boots and tack all over tarnation for hours to practice for their sport. The sport that will drive their very passion.

And your house will be a mess. And your car will be dirty. All because you gave a kid a pony…

Your weekends will be spent freezing to death or burning up as you hang out in the barn or arena. And their weekends will be spent gaining confidence and friends and learning new skills that will stick with them for the rest of their lives. They’ll be having fun and getting dirty… So dirty that you will be doing laundry in a whole new way - possibly at times involving a pressure washer.

And you’ll be there the day they learn to lope, the day they win their first ribbon, win their first class, get their first Circuit Championship… And you will be SO proud. The other parents will Congratulate you… But you know, it’s the hardwork and determination that they have invested into this pony that deserves the congratulations. As a team, they have done this…

And right before your eyes, your little one will be transformed from a small fry who be bopped along on that little pony with their little bum bouncing out of the saddle into a little horseman. And you will be proud… So proud.

When you give a kid a pony, you give them more than just a four legged furry friend. You give them a sport, a talent, hopes, dreams, and friends - friends who become family, a place to learn about life, room to grow as a person where they can push themselves to their very limits, and bravery, and courage, and memories… Oh the memories that will last a lifetime. And a LIFE. They will have ALL THESE THINGS simply because you gave a kid a pony…

Because you gave a kid a pony, you too will develop new lifelong friendships, developed solely from the same passion for the sport and the love of your barn family and team. You will root together. And cry together. And laugh together. All because you gave a kid a pony…

Then one day - years from now… They will be in their room and a picture of that pony will catch their eye. When they look at it they at it they will know instantly that when you gave that kid a pony you gave them a childhood that they will never forget. They will realize that everything YOU gave up along the way… was worth it.

All because you gave a kid a pony…

~ Anna Ingram Knowles

Photo credit to Chappelhow-Lacey horses & ponies all rights reserved and are subject to copyright
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2 months ago
And the list goes on & on &on. 🐴🐴

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I just borrow them 😊 but they're wonderful creatures that I love & respect so much.

The answer is still no!!!

We just got to borrow your boys and I feel lucky

Simon Delaney

Lauren Williamson ❤️❤️

Anastasia & River ❤️🐴 ... See MoreSee Less

2 months ago
Anastasia & River ❤️🐴

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Oh that’s awesome she’s riding him!

Such wonderful work.. 🐴 🐴

Look at that smile and pretty pony!

I love my new “feather flag”
No missing ‘Just Horses’
Gateway !
Love your work Peter Conheady

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2 months ago
I love my new “feather flag” No missing ‘Just Horses’ Gateway ! Love your work Peter Conheady @pconheady #ndisprovider #ndissupport #schoolholidayfun

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Honestly as someone who did my own driving out the first time to find your place then my directionally challenged self had to start looking for things to guide the way I was happy for all the help. Those banners though are so great! I had visions of me turning up on someone's front door who had no idea what I was talking about (though your directions were good & that somehow didn't happen lol)

Well thats one great flag Andrea

Looks fantastic

Now this I can’t wait to see when I get back there this is so good

This looks great Andrea!

Love it

That looks awesome ❤

Love it A 💕

Looks Fabulous 🐎

That’s Fantastic!!

Pleased to hear you are happy Just Horses

That’s brilliant Still modelling I see 😘

Wow 🤩 amazing!!


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2 months ago

Ponies Ducks Balls
Many activities @justhorsesvictoria

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2 months ago
Ponies Ducks Balls Many activities @justhorsesvictoria #buildingconfidence #lifeskills #ilovehorses #ndis

Oh Katie you make us all laugh. !!!!

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2 months ago
Oh Katie you make us all laugh. !!!! #laughter #goodforthesoul #bestmedicine #railtrail #naroghidImage attachment

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Love it! Walking sheep- why not 😂

she does!

This girl Jaylee is back in the saddle.
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2 months ago
This girl Jaylee is back in the saddle. #river #ndis #horseloverImage attachment

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Loved finding my dance with him ❤️

Well done Jaylee ❤️

Jessica Van Den Berghe looks like Kel might be up for a horse 😜

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